Zhongranbao Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Gas Group. It mainly operates China Gas Group’s own brand of gas appliances – Zhongranbao. Zhongranbao is committed to building a leading brand of safe gas appliances. Its products include gas stoves, gas water heaters, wall-mounted boilers, range hoods, disinfection cabinets and other series of products. “Zhongranbao” products focus on the mid- to high-end market. With safe and efficient products and professional and high-quality services as the brand’s core competitiveness, it provides users with one-stop services and safety including delivery, installation, consultation, safety inspections, and professional maintenance. Guarantee, leading the domestic gas appliance industry to develop in a healthy direction with safer quality and more professional services. High-quality supply chain and top R&D team help Zhongranbao quickly become a national brand loved by consumers. In just seven years since its establishment in May 2015, the cumulative sales of Zhongranbao have exceeded 10 billion yuan, creating a sales miracle in the gas appliance industry! In the future, Zhongranbao will continue to adhere to the core corporate value concept of “gathering people together and benefiting society”, continuously improve its industrial layout, and strive to become a leader in safe and quality kitchen appliances.

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