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Xinhaosi was established in 2003. Its headquarters is located in Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone (national level). The headquarters factory area is about 30,000 square meters, the Deyang base is 370 acres, and the construction area is more than 200,000 square meters.

Xinhaosi is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, quality inspection, product testing, sales and services. We specializes in core products such as household combustible gas detectors, industrial and commercial gas detection alarm systems, gas emergency shut-off solenoid valves, pipeline gas shut-off valves and have the nation’s first-class manufacturing capabilities and R&D testing levels. The company Focuses on industries such as gas, petroleum, petrochemicals, firefighting and instrumentation, possessing precision machining workshops, automated injection molding workshops, high-speed SMT workshop and have imported production equipment includes Tsugami machine tools, Yaskawa robots, Panasonic patch machines,etc, the production line is 90% fully automated and partially semi-automated.

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Xinhaosi has a total investment of more than 500 million and has achieved 80% comprehensive automated process production. This move not only greatly improved production efficiency and product quality, but also reduced production costs and manpower requirements. By introducing advanced automation technology and equipment, Xinhaosi has successfully optimized and intelligentized the production process, allowing it to better respond to market demands and changes.

In the future, Xinhaosi will continue to increase investment and research and development in automated production, continuously improve production efficiency and quality, and provide customers with better products and services. At the same time, the company will also actively explore new models and new technologies for intelligent production, promote industrial upgrading and transformation, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.

Quality inspection

Xinhaosi quality product testing strictly follows relevant national standards. The quality inspection process is divided into three links: raw material testing, production process testing and finished product testing.

In the raw material testing process, Xinhaosi will conduct strict quality testing on all purchased raw materials to ensure that the raw materials meet national standards and corporate requirements. In the production process inspection process, Xinhaosi will strictly inspect and control each process in the production process to ensure that every link in the production process meets quality standards. In the finished product inspection process, Xinhaosi will conduct comprehensive inspection and testing of the finished product to ensure that the finished product meets national standards and customer requirements.

Through strict testing in the above three links, Xinhaosi can ensure the quality and stability of products and improve customer satisfaction and trust.

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  • Assets were reorganized and Chengdu Xinhaosi was established
  • Independently develop and manufacture gas emergency shut-off solenoid valves
  • Established a basic processing division to independently carry out metal parts mechanical processing and plastic parts injection molding production
  • Establish SMT and DIP production rooms to realize independent production of circuit boards
  • Become a member of China Fire Protection Association
  • Launched electrical and fire disaster monitoring system


  • Establish first-level offices and after-sales service agencies in various provinces in China
  • Xinhaosi 30,000 square meters building foundation laying commencement
  • Become a member of China Gas Association
  • Successfully obtained CCS certificate from China Classification Society
  • Launched fire equipment power supply monitoring system and fire door monitoring system


  • Launched smart power online monitoring platform


  • Smart fire protection cloud platform launched
  • There are as many as 25 branch offices, and the business covers the national market
  • Gas alarm system products
  • Comprehensive use of two-bus plug-in structure
  • Automated production line upgrade
  • Introduced Panasonic high-speed pasting machines and Tsugami machine tools to improve production and basic processing capabilities
  • Industrial solenoid valve new generation and upgrade
  • New factory put into production

After-sales experience

Xinhaosi attaches great importance to customers’ after-sales service experience,
and has established a complete after-sales service system for this purpose.

Professional customer service team

Xinhaosi has a professional customer service team. The service team has rich knowledge and experience and can quickly and accurately answer customer questions and provide technical support.

Quick response

Xinhaosi promises to respond as soon as possible after receiving the customer’s after-sales service request and arrange personnel to handle it. After-sales service personnel will contact the customer as soon as possible to understand the specific situation of the problem and provide detailed solutions.

Maintenance services

If the product requires after-sales maintenance, Xinhaosi provides timely maintenance services. We have experienced maintenance technicians who can quickly repair faults and ensure that the product returns to normal operation as soon as possible.

Spare parts supply

Xinhaosi ensures an adequate supply of spare parts so that damaged parts can be replaced in a timely manner when needed. They have established a spare parts warehouse management system to ensure that customers can obtain the spare parts they need in a timely manner.

Training and guidance

Xinhaosi provides customers with training and guidance on product use and maintenance. We will teach customers correct operation methods and maintenance skills to help customers better use and maintain products and extend product life.

Customer satisfaction survey

Xinhaosi regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys to understand customer satisfaction with after-sales service, and continuously improves and enhances service quality based on feedback.

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