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Order Group is an enterprise organization with comprehensive development of various industrial clusters such as clean energy, urban comprehensive operation and strategic entity. It has more than 300 subsidiaries and AAA main credit rating. Order Group has won the National May Day Labor Prize and has been ranked among the Top 500 Private Enterprises in China for many consecutive years.
Focus on the development of clean energy industry cluster. Order deepens the development of the natural gas vertically integrated industry chain and extension of the business, value-added services and new retail, new energy, and other business fields, building a modern smart energy system and an intelligent ecology of clean energy industry. At the same time, Order actively integrates into the national Belt and Road Initiative strategy, accelerate the development of overseas gas marketing businesses so as to become the world s leading comprehensive service provider of clean energy.
Promote strategic entity industrial clusters. Driven by the dual wheels of endogenous growth and extensional M&A, Order will strategically invest in energy conservation and environmental protection, nickel chromium alloy, aluminum lithium metal, energy equipment manufacturing and other industries, widely apply advanced technologies at home and abroad, build a leading gas equipment manufacturing base, form an intelligent manufacturing system for new energy equipment, extend the clean energy and new energy industry chain, so as to build a new pattern of clustered development and therefore shape a new growth pole for the Group s industry.
Innovate and empower urban comprehensive operation of industrial clusters. We adhere to the development and operation mode of organic integration of industry and city, implement the strategic scale expansion of joint vertical and horizontal, regional deep cultivation, mode upgrading, and operation optimization, improve the efficiency of development and construction, operation services, and asset management, to create a first-class new model of industry and city integration development, vigorously support new urbanization, and strive to become a regional leading comprehensive urban operation service provider.
Order Group, with the mission of opening a better life, adheres to the core values of creating value based on faith, bases itself on the forefront of clean energy industry, deeply implements the new development concept, integrates into the construction of a new development pattern, grasps the double carbon opportunity to serve the national strategy. Order focuses on strategic upgrading, strengthens innovation driving force, empowers leading industries with digital technology and intelligence in the whole chain to cultivate and expand strategic emerging industries. Order will continue to enhance its brand value, commit to becoming a respected comprehensive smart energy industry group, and contribute to promoting green, low-carbon and high-quality development and realizing people s aspiration for a better life.

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