Backing City Fire Alarm Internet of Things

System Features
  • Independent development, own intellectual property rights
  • Three-layer network structure

Data ServerXDServer

  • Pure C++ implementation, full memory storage, suitable for discrete data processing of massive IoT devices
  • Built-in application gateway to solve network security
  • Used for docking different IoT devices, and is more suitable for functions such as hexadecimal data encryption and decryption, verification, identity recognition, and deduplication.
  • Provide JSON data based on MQTT and HTTP for upper-layer application services
  • Can provide advanced data interfaces to third-party enterprise application platforms

Device Management ServerXMServer

  • JAVA development to manage XDServer devices
  • Management of XDServer account sets
  • Cost management
  • Device binding
  • Provides external HTTP device management query interface

Application serverXAServer

  • JAVA development, oriented to business models
  • WeChat Mini Program
  • Voice calls, SMS alerts
  • GIS platform system

Business Model

  1. Provide free life cycle equipment management, IoT alarm and other services for Xinhaosi IoT products
  2. Provide low-cost access to third-party IoT and alarm services
  3. Provide privatized deployment and operation and maintenance services for core partners
  4. Third-party platform data access and forwarding services can be provided free of charge by XDServer

System Structure

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