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As of 2003, the cumulative import and export volume of COFCO Group was US$146.8 billion, of which the total export volume was US$78.5 billion and the total import volume was US$68.3 billion.
Since 1992, with the continuous development of China s market economy, COFCO has accelerated its strategic adjustment and vigorously implemented industrialization, internationalization, groupization, and diversified business strategies, which has effectively promoted the company s transformation from a traditional foreign trade agency to an industrialized operation. The multinational enterprise has transformed and gradually developed into a large-scale enterprise group integrating trade, industry, finance, information, services and scientific research. COFCO has formed a development pattern with the grain, oil and food processing industry as the main body and taking into account related industries. Edible oils and fats, beverages, alcohol, beer malt, flour, chocolate, metal packaging and other businesses occupy an important position in the country. COFCO s products such as Fulinmen Edible Oil, Great Wall Wine, Jindi Chocolate, and Merlin Canned Food are well-known. The Gloria Hotel series invested by COFCO has also ranked among the top 300 hotel groups in the world. In addition, COFCO is Coca-Cola’s main bottler in China.
Since the first half of 1999, COFCO has implemented the development strategy of reorganization, restructuring and listing. In line with the development trend of economic globalization, the group has established a resource allocation system, management structure and operating mechanism with a global perspective within the company, actively participated in international economic cooperation and competition, and maximized capital profits. Through reorganization and restructuring, the group further strengthened its core business and core competitiveness. At the same time, it established COFCO Grain and Oil Import and Export Company (mainly engaged in grain, oil and sugar policy trade business), COFCO International (listed company, mainly engaged in grain, oil and food production and processing business), Peng There are five major operating centers: Lee International (mainly engaged in real estate investment and hotel management, delisted in 2003), COFCO Development Co., Ltd. (mainly engaged in unlisted businesses) and COFCO Financial (mainly engaged in life insurance, insurance brokerage, futures and other businesses). Among them, COFCO International s development goal is to become one of the largest food companies in China and the Asia-Pacific region and the main channel for foreign investors to enter China s food industry.

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