Gas Emergency Shut-off Solenoid Valve

The gas emergency shut-off solenoid valve is a safety emergency shut-off device for gas pipelines. It can be connected to the gas leakage alarm system or to the fire protection and other intelligent alarm control terminal modules to achieve on-site or remote automatic/manual emergency cut-off of the gas source to ensure gas safety.


Pouring and explosion-proof

Prevent the occurrence of fires at all, and it will not become a source of detonation

strong vibration shut-off valve

The valve open state retention force can be adjusted to meet the requirements of automatically closing the valve under strong harmful vibrations.

Sealing properties

Adopt multi-level sealing measures, special NBR/FKM rubber (designed according to fuel type), precision processing

Hold mode

Permanent magnet self-retaining technology, normally open or normally closed state, zero power consumption and stable operation (bistable)

Heavy pouring + liquid extrusion valve body

Possessing higher density and toughness


The solenoid valve actuator can be switched on and off 5,000 times without any trouble and can be effectively used for more than 10 years.

Gas Emergency Shut-off Solenoid Valve

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