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Yanchang Petroleum has a long history. In 1905, with the approval of the Qing government, the Yangchang Petroleum Factory was established in Yanchang County, Shaanxi. In 1907, the first oil well on land in China was drilled, ending the history of China not producing oil on land. Yanchang Petroleum has made important contributions to China s revolution and economic construction and is known as the Meritorious Oil Mine. In 1944, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote an inscription Work hard to encourage it. Since the reform and opening up, especially after two reorganizations in 1998 and 2005, Yanchang Petroleum has embarked on the fast track of sustainable development. In 2007, crude oil production exceeded the 10 million tons mark; in 2010, sales revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan; in 2013, it entered the world s top 500 companies; in 2021, it produced 11.3379 million tons of crude oil, processed 13.2252 million tons of crude oil, and sold 6.782 billion cubic meters of natural gas. It has 6.7661 million tons of chemical products. Its financial contribution has been ranked first in Shaanxi Province and among the top local enterprises in the country for many years. It has won many awards such as the 3rd China Industry Award, the National May Day Labor Certificate, and the Advanced Enterprise in Fulfilling Social Responsibility in Shaanxi Province.
Yanchang Petroleum Industry covers the fields of oil and natural gas production, transportation, storage and sales, oil, gas and coal integrated chemical industry, pipelines and gas, coal and electricity, new energy and new materials, technology research and development, finance and material trade. At present, it has a crude oil production capacity of 12 million tons/year, a refining processing capacity of 17.4 million tons/year, a natural gas production capacity of 5.3 billion cubic meters/year, a coal production capacity of 11 million tons/year, a chemical product production capacity of 6.7 million tons/year, and a coal-to-liquid production capacity of 110 million tons/year. 10,000 tons/year and 100,000 tons/year of ethanol. In particular, after more than 10 years of continuous efforts, we have explored a differentiated and characteristic development path for comprehensive utilization and in-depth transformation of coal, oil and gas resources, and have mastered the fields of exploration and development of ultra-low permeability oil and gas fields, comprehensive utilization of coal, oil and gas resources, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. A group of leading international and domestic forward-looking innovative technologies have completed and put into operation the world s first comprehensive chemical park with kerosene, oil and gas resources, the world s first kerosene co-refining and synthesis gas to ethanol and other industrial demonstration projects, and are developing a number of high-end energy and chemical technologies. Pilot tests and demonstrations have basically formed a comprehensive energy and chemical industry pattern, becoming an important force in ensuring national energy supply and an important pillar of local economic development.

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