Hefei Gas

Hefei Gas Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. It is a large-scale municipal state-owned enterprise integrating natural gas storage, distribution and sales, gas design, pipeline installation, and gas appliance manufacturing. It has an internal office, publicity center, enterprise management planning office, Financial Department, Human Resources Department, Information Center, Technical Measurement Department, Production Safety Department, Engineering Management Department, Security Department, Discipline Inspection and Audit Office, Service Supervision Office, Labor Union and other functional departments. It has jurisdiction over the Market Development Department, Pipeline Operation Company, Gas Marketing companies, engineering companies, design institutes, natural gas storage and distribution companies, logistics supply companies, Anran industry and trade companies, general affairs offices and other entities.
Over the past two decades, the gas industry has achieved rapid development. It has total assets of 2.6 billion yuan and more than 1,500 employees. The number of residential gas users has exceeded 700,000, and the number of industrial, public and commercial users has exceeded 2,300. The gas pipeline network has been built for more than 2,300 kilometers. The scale of pipeline natural gas supply and urban gasification rate are in the Ranked first in the urban gas supply industry in Anhui Province.

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