Household Combustible Gas Detectors

· Traditional fire protection pain points

Nowadays, natural gas is basically widely available in public places, but the danger of combustion is enough to destroy a family, gas leakage, explosion, endangering the life and property safety of ourselves and even the surrounding residents.

GIS precise positioning

SMS push

Centralized monitoring

early warning warning

Voice phone

Quick deployment in 10 minutes

Video linkage monitoring

Household Combustible Gas Detectors


XINHAOSI household gas leak alarms provide centralized monitoring, timely response, sound and light alarms, and wireless real-time push of alarm information to the cloud platform. At the same time, it links the gas emergency shut-off valve to close to prevent fire disasters. If there is a gas leak, The monitoring center, fire control room and end users will be informed immediately to quickly eliminate potential disaster hazards.

Household Combustible Gas Detectors

Instructions on how to install household combustible gas detectors

一 Wall mounting

Household Combustible Gas Detectors

一 Ceiling installation

Household Combustible Gas Detectors

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