Jinhong Energy

Jinhong Energy

CNPC Jinhong Energy Investment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale natural gas energy distributor and comprehensive energy investment enterprise focusing on the development and utilization of clean energy and renewable energy, with the development and application of new, clean, and low-carbon energy as its main business direction.

The company completed the shareholding reform on December 25, 1992, and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in December 1996. The stock code is: 000669, and the stock abbreviation is: Jinhong Energy. In December 2012, a major asset reorganization was carried out through asset replacement and share issuance to purchase assets. While disposing of the original inefficient assets, 100% equity of CNPC Jinhong Natural Gas Transmission Co., Ltd. was purchased to realize the high-quality natural gas of CNPC Jinhong Natural Gas Transmission Co., Ltd. Listing of assets and businesses.

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