Luxi Chemical Industry

Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Luxi Chemical or the Company) is a listed company approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in May 1998 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 1998. Joined China in 2020 Sinochem Holdings Co., Ltd.
Over the years, the company has actively responded to the country s call to adjust structure and change methods, seize the development opportunities of the new and old kinetic energy conversion projects, eliminate backward production capacity, adhere to safe development, green development, and circular development, vigorously adjust the product structure, and develop a circular economy , making every effort to build a chemical industrial park with Shandong characteristics, realizing the transformation of enterprises from fertilizer to chemical industry, and from basic chemical industry to new chemical materials, gradually forming an industrial chain of coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, fluorosilicone chemical industry, and new chemical materials, and developing Become a comprehensive chemical enterprise with new chemical materials, basic chemicals, fertilizers, equipment manufacturing and other industrial sectors.
The construction of the chemical industrial park started in 2004, with an overall planning area of 18 square kilometers. Currently, the area under construction and completed is about 7 square kilometers. The company has built a smart chemical park management platform using the Internet + chemical production management method, and has the ability to control comprehensive large-scale and complex chemical parks. It was recognized by the National Petrochemical Federation as China Chemical New Materials (Liaocheng) Industrial Park and China Smart Chemical Park Pilot Demonstration Unit, and has successively won the National May 1st Labor Award, China Chemical Industry Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, China Chemical Industry Top 30 Parks, Best Practice Unit for Responsible Care in the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry, Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Enterprise, Shandong Governor Quality Award, Green Park and other honorary titles. The first batch was selected into the top ten China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Science Popularization Bases (New Chemical Materials), and the first batch was recognized as a chemical industry park in Shandong Province. The Polycarbonate Engineering Laboratory is recognized as the Engineering Laboratory for High-Performance Chemical Synthesis and Preparation Technology of Polycarbonate in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry.

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