Pipeline Gas Self-closing Valves

The pipeline gas self-closing valve is a kind of passive safety device installed at the end of the indoor low-pressure gas pipeline and connected to the indoor gas appliance. It can sense the fuel pressure and automatically close, requiring manual reset;

It has the functions of automatic shutdown under pressure, automatic shutdown over overpressure, and automatic shutdown for overcurrent protection. When the internal combustion gas pressure in the pipeline is lower than or higher than the set pressure, it can automatically shut down in time to prevent accidents. After troubleshooting, manual reset is required.


Energy saving and environmental protection

No power supply required, energy saving and environmental protection

Easy to use

Simple operation, maintenance-free, and not affected by the use environment

Automatic valve closing

Automatic valve closing for overpressure, pressure, and overflow

Safe and reliable

The valve automatically closes when the pressure is high, effectively preventing possible dangers such as accidental fire extinguishment, rubber hose falling off before stopping the stove, rats biting it, etc.

Valve can be closed manually

Equipped with manual valve function to turn off the air supply manually


Clear working status and easy troubleshooting

Pipeline Gas Self-closing Valves

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