Poly Real Estate

Poly Development Holding Group Co., Ltd. (SH600048), referred to as Poly Development Holdings
Founded in 1992, it is a large listed company controlled by China Poly Group.
The company is committed to building a real estate ecological platform with excellent competitiveness and provides comprehensive services based on the industry ecosystem based on real estate investment and development, asset operations, and capital operations. In 2023, Poly Development Holdings ranked 243rd in the world according to Forbes, and was the TOP1 industry leading brand.
The company takes harmony builds good as its brand concept and protects the country and benefits the people, and pursues excellence as its corporate mission. Its business is spread out in more than 100 cities around the world, and its real estate development and property services have been among the leading state-owned enterprises for many years. Brokerage services, Financial Services has been rated as the top 10 in the industry for many years in a row. With its outstanding construction, operation and service capabilities, it has served as a service provider for large-scale international and domestic events, participated in the construction of many important urban projects, and made great strides in promoting industry innovation, urban development, and people s better lives. contribute.

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