Combustible Gas Detection Device for Underground Well Chamber

  • Positive pressure design, IP68 protection
  • Supports detection of abnormal water levels in underground wells and abnormal movements of manhole covers
  • NB/ 4G/ 5G IoT communication function supports gas alarm and water level abnormality alarm
  • Upload information such as manhole cover abnormality alarm, battery voltage abnormality and other information
  • LCD display function, low power consumption design, long battery life of lithium battery
  • Gyroscope anti-theft function


> Product Parameters


Detection object All kinds of combustible gas
Measuring range (0~100)%LEL
Detection error ±5%F.S
Power 0.36W
Response time <30s
Working voltage DC3.6V
Quiescent current ≤2uA
Power supply mode Lithium sub-battery power supply
Explosion-proof level Ex db ⅡC T6 Gb
Protection level IP68
Operating environment conditions Atmospheric pressure: (80~110) kPa, ambient temperature: (-30~+70)℃;
The relative humidity of the surrounding environment is not more than 95% (at +25℃)



>Product Model


Product number Sampling method communication method sensor Manhole cover abnormal movement monitoring
DT-KNY-AT0605J diffusion NB laser
DT-KNY-AT0605C Catalytic combustion
DT-KGY-AT0605J 4G/5G laser
DT-KGY-AT0605C Catalytic combustion
DT-BNY-AT0605J pump suction NB laser
DT-BNY-AT0605C Catalytic combustion
DT-BGY-AT0605J 4G/5G laser
DT-BGY-AT0605C Catalytic combustion

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