GTYQ-AT0602 Point-type Combustible Gas Detector

  • Explosion proof and dust ignition resistant enclosure protection
  • Support solenoid valve offline detection function
  • Standard three-color warning light, easy to distinguish between normal, fault and alarm
  • Supports wireless solenoid valve matching
  • AC220V power supply, can be used independently


  • Support automatic valve closing function in power outage
  • Highlight digital tube display
  • Can directly link to close industrial solenoid valves
  • Standard infrared remote control, no need to open the cover to perform necessary debugging operations
  • Support centralized supervision of IoT cloud platform
  • Digital sensor, no need for on-site calibration when replacing components
  • Supports more standard expansion interfaces and optional expansion modules


> Product Parameters


Detection object Methane,  propane, isobutane, hydrogen and other flammable gases
Measuring range (3~100)%LEL
Response time <15s
Detection principle Catalytic combustion
Sampling method Free diffusion type
Rated voltage AC220V/50Hz
Power consumption ≤3W
Linkage output 2-way adjustable relay output, capacity AC220V / 1A

1-channel DC24V pulse output, capacity DC24V / 2A

Alarm output With the acoustic and optical alarm output
Outlet hole specifications Three M26*1.5 internal thread ports (pipe thread 3/4″ and NPT3/4″ optional)
Installation method Wall installation, ceiling installation, pipe piercing installation, pipe installation
The main material Aluminum alloy
Explosion-proof level Ex db ⅡC T6 Gb / Ex tb ⅢC T85℃ Db
ambient temperature (-40~70)℃
High air pressure (86~106) kPa
Relative humidity ≤95% (no condensation)


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