JB-TB-AT2020DX Gas Control Panel

  • 4.3h color display, graphical operation interface
  • Equipped with detector installation location marking function
  • Supports setting independent alarm points for different areas and detection objects.
  • Two-bus non-polar design, compatible with four-wire communication, flexible and convenient wiring
  • Rainproof design ensures the safe operation of live devices in the chassis
  • Equipped with voltage boost function to solve the problem of system instability caused by voltage drop in traditional designs.
  • Equipped with wireless transmission function for mobile phone debugging

> Product Parameters


Project Data
Working voltage AC170V~AC260V/50Hz
Typical power 14W (excluding connected detectors and supporting equipment)
Spare battery  lead-acid battery
Display method 4.3-inch TFT graphical Chinese LCD display
Communication method The XBUS / HBUS bus communication
Installation method Wall-mounted
Alarm Output 3 sets of passive programmable external control outputs (contact capacity AC220V / 2A)
Output type Hold/pulse output (can be modified as needed)
Adaptation detector A gas detector using HBUS (4 bus) and XBUS (2 / 4 bus) communication
Transmission distance 1500m
Typical capacity 64,128,256 (other capacity optional)
Communication loop 1
Wireless far transmission NB/4G (optional)
Appearance size 410mm×305mm×120mm

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