JT-AT0103A/4G Best Natural Gas Detector

  • Adopts microwave radar sensing technology to support fire and separation alarm
  • 4G IoT communication function supports remote text messages and phone warnings
  • Gas leak alarm function
  • Wireless linkage solenoid valve or gas meter
  • Using imported brand sensors, good stability
  • WeChat applet control function
  • Voice interaction


> Product Parameters


project data
Fire alarm Human detection microwave radar
Fire detection Range hood starts
early warning 2~10 minutes, default 5 minutes
Alarm cut valve 2-20 minutes, default 10 minutes
Soup time 20~120 minutes, default 60 minutes
gas leak alarm Detect gas Methane
Detection principle semiconductor
Sampling method free diffusion
Service life 5 years (gas sensor typical)
Operating Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Alarm mode Audible alarm
output signal Pulse solenoid valve, wireless solenoid valve
Internet of things 4G
Installation method Wall-mounted/ceiling

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