JTM-AT2008 Kitchen Gas Detector

  • Support dual gas detection
  • Hidden power cord design, beautiful and tidy wiring
  • Uses external pluggable solenoid valve lines and switch lines for easy installation and use
  • Equipped with temperature compensation function and intelligent and accurate detection


  • Life detection function, automatic reminder when life expires
  • Can be equipped with wireless solenoid valve
  • Equipped with solenoid valve status detection function
  • Equipped with black box function, it can effectively record alarms, faults, failures, etc.
  • Supports optional NB networking module


> Product Parameters


Project Data
Detection object Methane, CO
Detection principle Semiconductor/electrochemistry
Sampling method Free diffusion
Service life 5 years (typical)
Display method Optional NB
Output method Solenoid valve output
Alarm method Audible alarm
Installation method Wall-mounted or Ceiling
Product size 86mm × 86mm × 36.5mm


> Model list


Product model Detection object Detection principle sensor Solenoid valve output Switching output communication method Alarm point Measuring range
JTM-AT2008A Methane Semiconductor made in China 8%LEL (0-16)%LEL
CO electrochemistry 150umol/mol (0-500)umol/mol
JTM-AT2008A/NB Methane Semiconductor NB 8%LEL (0-16)%LEL
CO electrochemistry 150umol/mol (0-500)umol/mol

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