JTY-GF-XF9133 Smoke Alarm

  • Dual light source detection to prevent dust and water vapor false alarms
  • Low power consumption, long standby time, battery guaranteed to work normally for 3 to 5 years
  • APP checks battery power and temperature value
  • Infrared receiving function, on-site debugging and noise reduction are simplified
  • Remote control, silencer, adjust alarm sensitivity
  • Automatic compensation function, automatically compensates for zero point drift caused by external factors
  • Disassembly-free cleaning function, the front cover of the maze can be removed separately for cleaning
  • The base prevents water accumulation
  • Blind screw design + 3M double-sided tape installation, convenient and fast
  • Customized FPC antenna, stronger signal penetration, meeting the needs of basement use

> Product Parameters

Product model JTY-GF-XF9133
Working power supply 3.6V
Implementation standard GB20517-2006
Battery capacity 3500mAh/2800mAh/optional
Quiescent current <2uA
Alarm mode Sound and light alarm
Alarm sound ≥80dB@3m
Appearance size 105mm×41.5mm
Installation method Ceiling installation
Battery life 5 years (typical)
Operating environment Temperature: (-10~55) ℃ Humidity: (≤95%)RH


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