Sanjiu Pharmaceutical

Sanjiu Enterprise Group is a large-scale enterprise group with the life and health industry as its main business, the pharmaceutical industry as the center, and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine as the focus. In 1985, Professor Zhao Xinxian took the Sanjiu Weitai and other three products that he participated in the development of Nanfang Pharmaceutical Factory was founded with scientific research results and a loan of 5 million yuan. Before December 1998, it was affiliated to the General Logistics Department of the People s Liberation Army. After December 1998, in accordance with the instructions of the Central Military Commission, it was separated from the military system and directly under the leadership of the State Economic and Trade Commission. Through the system Innovation, management innovation and technological innovation have developed into a large-scale pharmaceutical-based, multi-industry enterprise group with total assets of 15 billion yuan and more than 100 subsidiaries. 999 s latest brand value is 4.918 billion yuan.

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