What is a combustible gas detector?

In modern industrial and domestic environments, safety is always the primary consideration. As an important safety device, combustible gas detectors are widely used in various places to prevent and detect potential gas leaks.

The main function of combustible gas detectors is to monitor the concentration of flammable gases in the air and sound an alarm when it reaches a dangerous level, so that timely measures can be taken to prevent fire or explosion accidents.

Combustible Gas Detector

Combustible Gas Detector

With the continuous advancement of technology, the sensitivity and reliability of combustible gas detectors have been significantly improved, providing a solid barrier to protect people’s lives and property safety.

In this article, we will explore in depth the working principle, application areas and future development trends of combustible gas detectors.

Different Types of Combustible Gas Detectors

When it comes to gas detectors, there are several different types that work based on the same principles, including catalytic bead, electrochemical, and infrared. Here are their working principles and features:

Catalytic Bead Gas Detector:

Working Principle:

Catalytic bead gas detectors use the oxidation reaction of gas on a catalyst to detect combustible gas. When the combustible gas contacts the surface of the catalytic bead, an oxidation reaction occurs that releases heat, causing the temperature of the catalytic bead to rise, thereby changing the resistance. This change in resistance is measured and converted into the concentration of the combustible gas.

Catalytic Combustion Gas Detector

Catalytic Combustion Gas Detector


  • It has high sensitivity and response speed for combustible gases.
  • It does not require external power supply, making it suitable for remote or mobile applications.
  • It can detect a variety of combustible gases, such as natural gas, propane, methane, etc.

Electrochemical Gas Detector:

Working Principle:

Electrochemical gas detectors use the chemical reaction between gas and electrodes in an electrochemical sensor to detect gas concentration. When the gas contacts the sensor electrodes, they undergo a redox reaction, generating an electric current. The magnitude of this current is proportional to the gas concentration.

Electrochemical Home Residential Gas Detector

Electrochemical Home Residential Gas Detector


  • It is highly sensitive and can detect very low concentrations of gas.
  • It can be customized for specific gases and provides high-precision measurements.
  • Usually requires an external power supply, but consumes less power.

Infrared Gas Detector:

Working principle:

Infrared gas detector uses the absorption of infrared radiation of a specific wavelength by gas to detect gas concentration. The detector emits an infrared beam through the gas sample chamber. When the infrared light is absorbed by the specific gas, the detector measures the absorption and converts it into gas concentration.


  • Very suitable for detecting a variety of organic compounds and liquefied gases, such as methane, ethane, etc.
  • It has high selectivity and sensitivity and can accurately identify specific gases.
  • It is not affected by humidity and temperature changes and has high stability.

Each type of gas detector has its own unique advantages and applicable scenarios. Choosing a suitable gas detector depends on the type of gas to be detected, the concentration range and environmental conditions.

Application of combustible gas in daily production and life

Combustible gas plays an important role in modern life and industrial production. Here are some common application areas:

Household and commercial use: Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are common household and commercial fuels, widely used for cooking, heating and hot water supply.

Industrial production: Many industrial processes use combustible gases as energy and raw materials. For example, hydrogen is used in the chemical and metallurgical industries to produce ammonia and steelmaking; acetylene is used for metal cutting and welding.

Power generation: Natural gas power stations use natural gas as fuel to generate electricity through combustion, which is an efficient and relatively clean form of energy.

Importance of combustible gas detectors

In various production and living places, the leakage of flammable gas may cause serious safety risks, including fire, explosion and poisoning of personnel. Therefore, it is crucial to install and use flammable gas detectors. Here are the importance of flammable gas detectors:

Early warning: Combustible gas detectors can detect gas leaks early and sound an alarm before the gas concentration reaches a dangerous level. This early warning can give people more time to take necessary countermeasures to avoid accidents.

Protecting personnel safety: Combustible gas leaks may cause poisoning, suffocation and other health hazards. The timely alarm of the detector can protect personnel from the effects of harmful gases and ensure their life safety.

Preventing fire and explosion: Combustible gas leakage is one of the main causes of fire and explosion. The role of the detector is to sound an alarm when the gas concentration reaches the flammable range to prevent the fire source from causing catastrophic accidents.

Reducing economic losses: Combustible gas leaks may cause production interruptions, equipment damage and other economic losses. By installing detectors to detect problems in time, potential losses can be reduced and the property safety of enterprises and individuals can be protected.

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