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Guizhou Xijiu Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guizhou Xijiu) was established in 2022 by the decision of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. It is a large (II) state-owned enterprise under provincial management.
The headquarters of Guizhou Xijiu is located in the middle reaches of the Chishui River in the Northern Guizhou Plateau, where the Red Army crossed the Chishui River for the fourth time during the Red Army s Long March. With a value of 222.463 billion yuan, it ranks among the top eight Chinese liquors and the second largest Chinese sauce wine.
Guizhou Xijiu Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Guizhou Xijiu, was formerly known as the Yin surnamed Liquor Workshop during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. It was established as a state-owned enterprise through acquisition in 1952 and joined the Moutai Group in 1998. With the support and help of the Moutai Group With development and growth, in 2022, Kweichow Moutai Distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd. was completely changed to Guizhou Xijiu Co., Ltd. The company has always adhered to the essence of traditional Chinese liquor techniques, adhered to pure grain solid-state fermentation technology, won trust with sincerity, won with quality, was determined to innovate, pursued excellence, and was committed to making refined products, high quality, and good service. It has an annual production of more than 70,000 tons of high-quality base wine, an annual packaging capacity of more than 60,000 tons, and a storage capacity of more than 350,000 tons of base wine. It has more than 100 leading scientific and technological talents in the Chinese wine industry, Chinese liquor craft masters, Guizhou wine masters, Guizhou wine masters, national wine evaluation committee members (21 people), Guizhou Province wine evaluation committee members, senior engineers, and senior engineers, with various professional technologies There are more than 2,000 skilled talents. The main products include Junpin series, Cellar series, Golden Diamond series, etc. The leading brand Xijiu has been rated as provincial excellent, ministerial excellent, national excellent, won the National Quality Award, and was recognized as a National Geographical Indication Protected Product wait.
The product of a gentleman is the wine of the East. Guizhou Xijiu adheres to the core corporate values of Advocating Taoism, Being Fundamental, Respecting Business, and Loving People, and practices the Xijiu character of knowing reverence, understanding gratitude, practicing humility, and showing compassion, unleashes the potential for innovation, and continuously strives for openness, wisdom, and The transformation and upgrading of a beautiful modern wine company. Won the National May 1st Labor Certificate twice, the third Guizhou Province Governor Quality Award, the 18th National Quality Award, the Asia Quality Excellence Award, and the Advanced Party Organization for Poverty Alleviation in the Province , National Outstanding Social Responsibility Enterprise, Outstanding Contributor of the 30th Anniversary of Project Hope and other honors.
Love me to practice wine, share joys and sorrows, encourage me to practice wine, and contribute to society. Guizhou Xijiu adheres to the leadership of the party, strengthens party building, continuously strengthens the roots and consolidates the soul, and promotes the sustainable high-quality development of the enterprise while actively assuming social responsibilities. For 17 consecutive years, it has carried out a large-scale public welfare scholarship activity with the theme of Xijiu My University, and has invested a total of more than 130 million yuan to help more than 20,000 outstanding students realize their university dreams; it has joined hands with national distributors of Xijiu and the Guizhou Charity Federation to establish the Xijiu The charity fund project Wine·My Elderly Wellbeing donated 20 million yuan in the first phase to help solve the elderly care and health problems; donated 20 million yuan to help Guizhou and Hubei provinces fight the epidemic; Units, groups and individuals who donated charity during the epidemic action donated Xijiu products worth 100 million yuan; donated 10 million yuan to help Henan flood fighting and disaster relief; donated 10 million yuan to help Guiyang and its related cities (states) win the battle of epidemic prevention and control; donated 665 Ten thousand yuan to support the development of public welfare undertakings such as aquatic life protection and ecological restoration in the Yangtze River Basin; select village first secretaries and village team members to accurately assist the rural revitalization of Yongsheng Village in Taolin Town and Fenghuang Village in Zhaiba Town; assist Xishui County soil The construction of a red and beautiful village demonstration site in Qinggangpo Village in the urban area; supporting people in northern Guizhou to plant sorghum, increasing the income of more than 16,000 farmers. Guizhou Xijiu strives to increase local fiscal and tax revenue, provide jobs, drive the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, promote regional economic prosperity, strive to participate in public welfare undertakings, and contribute to the realization of common prosperity with sincerity and strength.
Under the strong leadership of the Party and under the guidance of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government s strategy of focusing on the Four New and focusing on the Four Modernizations, Guizhou Xijiu will take advantage of the origin and main production area of the Chishui River Basin Maotai-flavor liquor and always adhere to quality First, adhere to the bottom line of development, ecology, and safety, unswervingly develop high-quality, make great strides forward, and stride towards becoming a world-class and popular large-scale comprehensive enterprise group.

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